Research on COVID-19 at BIFAP

In order to be able to use BIFAP as a source of information for the COVID-19 research, we are, together with the participating autonomous communities, updating the data more frequently and extracting data from additional sources of information.

Specifically, BIFAP now includes information updated as of April 30th, 2021 on the primary care medical record of patients in health services in 4 autonomous communities (around 6 million patients). In addition, information is available on the use of hospital dispensing drugs and hospital diagnoses.

All of this data can now be used to conduct studies by independent researchers registered with BIFAP, whose protocols meet the usual requirements for access to BIFAP data.

In addition, BIFAP is involved in several European projects to contribute to the surveillance of vaccine safety against COVID-19. More information: The BIFAP programme in the surveillance of COVID-19 vaccines safety. Information Note MUH (FV), 19/2020.


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